Carrier is a subsidiary of technology  company in the United States (UTC)

On the list of  2011 top 500, won ranked 150. Since its founding, doctor career invented the first modern air conditioning in 1902.

Carrier has become a world leader in the industry with its products and systematically solutions that presented to many famous buildings.

Until now, the distribution network covering over 170 countries around the world. In 2011, Carrier brands with revenue of more than $ 12 billion as the industry air conditioning.

In 2011, Carrier has earned a Title”TOP” in field of air conditioning industry with revenues over $ 12 billion.

Carrier in China has 6 factories with over 2,500 employees. As a company with global Grid, Carrier has many advanced production lines, high-tech commercial and residential building chillers, air compressors and other related products and able to meet the diverse needs of different customers with a wide range of products.

Carrier Global R & D Center in Shanghai is capable of simultaneous development of several major projects, And awards for advanced technically patents, support of Carrier air-conditioning industry to stay competitive in the first rank of the world.

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