Raw material


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Lead is a heavy and soft metal that has good corrosion resistance,it is the oldest metals that has been used by humans.So far, 130 of lead ore are known that the most important and most economical is the sulfur lead.  90 percent of Iran’s lead product obtained from this ore.


Table below  given a number of Iranian mines and mining methods used to extract lead:


Mine Name Lead grade (%) Proven reserves (tons) Extraction State
angooran 6 9000000 open zanjan
irankooh 2/5 7000000 Open- Underground esfahan
kooshk 3 800000 Open- Underground yazd
nakhlak 5-8 600000 Underground esfahan
ahangaran 6 500000 Open- Underground hamedan
elikan 6 500000 Underground gilan
ravanj 3-9 350000 Open- Underground esfahan
Zeh abad 4/5 40000 Underground ghazvin
Nay band 7-8 Underground esfahan


iron ore

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The most important Iron mines discovered are located in Yazd, Kerman, Khorasan.

. 8.1 billion tons of proven reserves and more than 3 billion tons General reserves (proven reserves plus probable reserves) has been reported of these mines.

More than 90 percent of them are kind of volcanic and skarn.


table below  given the number of iron ore mines in iran:

Mine name Reserves (million tons) Fe content (percent)
chegharat 216 57/41
sechahoon 118 40/53
zarand 200 45
Other Bafgh anomalies 760
Narikan anomalies 5 36
Gol gohar1 185 56-65
Gol gohar2 40
Gol gohar3 700
Gol gohar 4-5-6 210
Shams abad 48 46
Chah gaz 230 51/02