Golden world trading group briefly (goldenWTG) A Business Group that includes a set of commercial companies in order to advance towards objectives to accelerate and facilitate trade, including exports and […]


Carrier is a subsidiary of technology¬† company in the United States (UTC) On the list of ¬†2011 top 500, won ranked 150. Since its founding, doctor career invented the first […]

Golden Human Resources

Human Resources Department of Golden Group International Holding in order to attract qualified personnel required units in offices throughout the country as well as overseas offices, was set up. The […]

Houmehr international Consultants

” HOOMEHR International Consultative Group ” works in the field of advisory services, entrepreneurship and business development With the participation of a group of experts in the field of management.

Import and sale of cars

International Golden Group’s holding Department for car: Golden group international Holding along with its commercial activities Works in importing vehicles and passenger cars with reputable brand of car. All vehicles […]


VIP services for Doctors With the help of beneficent God and the International Congress of surgeons occasions, We cherish the inception of Doctors Club and proud to cooperate and consult […]