Houmehr international Consultants

” HOOMEHR International Consultative Group ” works in the field of advisory services, entrepreneurship and business development With the participation of a group of experts in the field of management.

The group is trying to improve the status of the profession, with understanding of business principles. Believes that effective advice in any organization depends on understanding the problem, the ability to accept change and future expectations.

In addition to performing this important issue, HOOMEHR group meets demand and client requirements with the help of professional lecturers and professors, workshops and seminars.

That can solve a lot of management concerns, especially in the marketing and development of new markets.

Because our speakers  are professional and experienced entrepreneurs who will share with you their experiences and lessons learned. We aim to provide useful information to help entrepreneurs to identify the needs of the market.

For this reason, and due to the ability of holding Golden Group, meeting the needs of customers after diagnosis consultants, should not be difficult. So solutions offered, by holding can be easily implemented and Helps to understand the important issues facing business emerging markets.

WebSite: http://en-consultant.goldenwtg.org

Email (Manager) : consultant.dep@goldenwtg.org