Nano Technology


Herbal nanotechnology cleaners

To know our products well, first of all, to quote from Nanostatics (StatNano) Iran is seventh country in world nanotechnology ranking.

 Golden World Trading Group among many achievements of import and export products, have a department toward nanotechnology research marketing, work on exporting Herbal nanotechnology’s products such as Nano Detergent, Nano Glass Cleaner, Nano Car Wash and ..…  .

Some of our products have world record or they are in progress to record, like laundry liquid detergent for white fabrics , Nano Organic Car Wash Waterless ,Glass cleaner Nano-emulsion and …

There are similar products to our products in the world but most of them are chemical not Herbal Nanotechnology usage that are not comparable with our prices products with any brand

(even chemicals).

Nanotechnology products are alcohol-free, are made of natural materials (100%Herbal), anti-statics, and in case of contact with skin it is not harmful even if you drink it…